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©2017 Eva Adams


Magical Balance

A screenplay by Eva Adams


Magical Reality


Summer 2018 - London, Chamonix, Kiev, Singapore


90 minute feature film


Mica, a writer and widow with two teenage children, is fed up with who she has become.  It's time for a change and today is the day. 


Reality v Fantasy

Life and Death





The centre must hold 

Target Audience 




Magical Balance is a coming of middle-age story and takes place over the course of one day and night in Mica's life.


Mica is a writer struggling to balance her need for creative space with the demands and expectations of her teenage children.


A widow, no longer a wife, or even a 'mummy' as her children transform into the adults they will soon be, Mica doesn't know who she is anymore.


Bereavement and single parenthood have left her but a shadow of her former self.  She has suppressed her love of spontaneity and adventure in her struggle to be a responsible adult and parent.  


Anaïs and Nina, are more than mere characters in her novel.  They inhabit her real world too.   Through them, she finds the answer to a question she’s been wrestling with for the last ten years.  What really happens when we die?  


Anaïs and Nina are always there when she needs them.  Now they are in danger and it’s her turn to rescue both them and herself.


About Eva Adams 

I am ‘Mica’. This is a true story based on my own search to find meaning in life after the death of my soul mate, who died in 2007 after a year’s battle with cancer at the age of just 36.