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©2017 Eva Adams


A screenplay by Eva Adams



Magical/Fantastical Reality, based on a true story



Summer’s day in 2018 - London, Chamonix, Kiev, Singapore



90 minute feature film



Mica, a writer and widow with two teenage children, is fed up with who she has become.  It's time for a change and today is the day. 



Life and Death





Why have I written this?

To try to find myself and what it means to be true to oneself.



The centre must hold 


Target Audience 




Day after Night is a coming of middle-age story and takes place over the course of one day.  Mica, a writer and widow with two teenage children, can’t decide who she really is anymore.  


She’s not a wife, she’s no longer ‘just’ Mummy as her relationship with her now older children is changing. 


She struggles to make the choice she knows she now needs to make.  It’s been ten years since her husband, the man who had made her life so happy, died.  And yet, she still can’t let go of him.


To let go of him she would have to let go of at least some of who she became with him.  Who was she before him?  She wasn’t that girl anymore either.  So who was she now? 


She realises with surprise that she’s been grieving for the best part of the last ten years.


Bereavement and single parenthood have left Mica but a shadow of her former self.  She has suppressed her love of spontaneity and adventure as she struggles to be a responsible adult and ‘good mother’.  


She misses her other selves, Anaïs and Nina, who continue to live in her inner world as well as in the novel she is writing.  If she is to regain her best self, a strong combination of all three, she will have to face her own demons.  Anaïs and Nina support her and keep her in balance. 


Through Anaïs, Mica finds the answer to a question she’s been wrestling with for the last ten years.  What really happens when we die?  


Mica relies on Anaïs and Nina and they always come to her rescue when she needs them.  Now they are in danger and it’s her turn to rescue both them and herself.


About Eva Adams 

I am ‘Mica’. This is a true story based on my own search to find meaning in life after the death of my soul mate, who died in 2007 after a year’s battle with cancer at the age of just 36.


I wrote this in the hope that it may help others in similar situations realise that life not only continues after traumatic events but can even feel good again.