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Typewriter Keys

The quick answer is that I simply have to. It’s my way of making sense of the world.  The blank page is my playground. Here I can create and recreate new worlds. I love it and hate it in equal measure but to stop writing would be to stop living. It’s who I am...

I wrote my first screenplay, Black Snow, as a way of bringing back a very special person, my husband who died when he was just thirty six.  I wanted to explore the nature of grief and loss.  Writing about him also allowed me to rediscover the joy of love, parenthood and mountains.  Paradoxically, I found the whole process uplifting and hope that others will too.
Poems and short stories are something I write purely for the fun of it. They come unbidden and literally seem to write themselves. They are often a way for me to find out what I think and feel about things in my life at the time.
One of my current projects, 8, is set in the near future and explores some of my concerns about the world we now find ourselves in.  A world where terror attacks are increasingly common.  Where fear and mistrust lead good people to make bad decisions. In 8, I want to present alternative scenarios and options for how we might live better, as well as what could happen if we do nothing.
I recently finished the first draft of my third screenplay, Magical Balance.  In this 'day in the life of' feature script, I explore some of the recurring themes of  my work; 
  • Balance

  • Struggle for Life

  • Identity

  • Death

  • Love

  • Loss

Ultimately I write in order to communicate and that is why I'd love to hear your responses or questions.

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