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Pilot Episode of 8  -  Imbalance 


Anti-terrorism specialist and single mother, Claire, struggles to keep the world safe for her children.  Just as she feels she's getting somewhere, she dies in a car bomb and finds herself in the alternative dimension of Ananda.  


Synopsis - Pilot Episode

To her children, Zach (17) and Maddie (15), Claire is just ‘Mum’.  They don't know much about her job ,  just that she ‘does something important’ to do with terrorism. 

Claire is attracted to her colleague, Max, but for some reason, her mother, the mysterious Marlena, has always tried to keep her away from him.  Max tells Claire and her team that the Americans have instructed them to bomb their own intelligence station at Bude.  She can’t understand why on earth he would agree to this.

Max shares some, but not all, of his many secrets with Julianna, his boss and lover.   Julianna has a way of getting him to do things he doesn’t necessarily agree with.

Claire doesn’t get to find out what they are up to.  She’s blown up in a car bomb on her way home from work.


Her body isn't found but Max and Julianna cover this up and her funeral goes ahead with a substitute body.


At the end of the episode Claire wakes up in an ethereal alternative reality. 

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