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Who is Eva Adams?

Eva Adams is fictional in that she is who I choose to be and the name under which I write.

Until now I have had two other surnames; my father's and my husband's.  When I started to write many years ago I felt I needed my own name and so Eva Adams was born.

I was born in London to Polish parents who wanted to ensure I never forgot my Polish heritage.  Polish brownies, Polish Saturday school, Polish church, Polish cinema, Polish discos, Polish dance…  they took me to Poland every summer and I loved the open countryside, the mountains, swimming in freezing cold streams… 


But I was also a London girl who loved going to gigs (especially Bowie), rowing on the Serpentine and drinking and dancing in London's clubs.  

Torn between two identities, my English and Polish selves, I could only truly say that I was European.

I've walked an adventurous and varied path.  I've lived and worked in London, France, Germany, Sicily, Brighton, Austria, Italy, Dorset, Ukraine and Singapore.  I've been a ski instructor,  director of marketing for a major retail fashion chain, English teacher, corporate trainer and spent many years working with the British Council which took me all over the world.


My 'adventures' have included: 

head injuries: 7 

held at gunpoint: 2

in love: 3+

countries lived in: 7

countries visited: 50+

jobs: 20+

strangled: 1 

attacked by thugs but got them back: 1

married: 1

children: 2

widowed: 1 

I married the most amazing man while working in Singapore and had the time of my life with him and our two children. The shock of his premature departure from life (he was only thirty six) left a devastating hole in our lives. One we've tried to fill with fond memories, new dreams and love.  My first screenplay, Black Snow, tells the story of how we came to terms with his loss.


In spite of more than my fair share of lows, I’ve also had the most incredible highs (usually in the mountains) and I've been lucky enough to have found love many times over in all its different guises. I’m not finished yet. In fact, in many ways I’m just beginning. Beginning the rest of my life.  


At the end of 2016, I gave up my marketing job to focus on fiction writing.  By Sept 2017, I had so much material that I set up this website,, to share my work.


I discovered the wonderful world of film making in 2017 and have since written and produced four short films all of which evoke positive responses in those who watch them. I've also completed two feature screenplays and am currently working on a third screenplay as well as a novel.  


I live, I dream, I write.  It's how I make sense of the world; through stories about life, death, dreams, love, loss and the myriad of other themes which occupy our lives.



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