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Sparkling Lida

London - Aug 2018

Your sparkle came into all of our lives

right from the very beginning.

We’d wake up and laugh into those smiling eyes,

Eyes that told such beautiful lies, such wondrous truths.


A Roman candle, you sparkled with life,

so elegant and glamorous.

So chic and yet so nice.

Truly nice.


You played with us and taught us to have fun.

You fed our fantasies, supported our dreams.

We made them real in your dresses and shoes.


The excitement of teetering on heels,

playing grown-ups,

all giggles and squeals.


We’d eat dinner together in that lovely dining room.

Plates overflowing, wine glasses clinking, stories being told.

We knew not to ask,

or we’d miss out on gold.


After dinner you’d patiently sit

watching our endless shows.

Your cheers gave us courage,

your delight, whistles and bows.


Lida, you were and are an inspiration,

You and your adventurous friends.

Self-assured in your worlds,

perfectly balanced and poised.


Always there in heart and soul.

Your strength, gentle as a dove,

moving freely through space and time,

a bottomless sea of love.


You’ve left us better than you found us,

Simply by being around us.


Tonight as I look to the skies,

I’ll search for the new star, just born.

Your knowing smile will find me,

and sprinkle its sparkle till ‘morn.

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