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©2017 Eva Adams


Love me all the time

Dec 2018, London

Don’t make time to love me

Another ‘to do’ on your list

That’s not love


Love breathes life

into the coldest of places.

It rises high above the everyday

Each turn a new adventure

Full of warmth and joy


Love finds its mirror 

In numberless places 

Across a crowded room

In the arms of a lover

In the comforting arm of a friend


It picks us up when we fall

It brings sunshine and rain

It breaks our hearts in two

And puts them back together again


It’s happy

It’s sad

It’s everything


Love is life

Love is death

Love is timeless


So don’t make time to love me

Love me all the time

Daddy's Girl

London, December 2018

You were born of love

The kind that never dies

In your face

I see his eyes


The same eyes that waited to greet you

That couldn’t wait to see your smile

That watched as you took your first steps

That took an inch and gave a mile.


Your fingers, like his, are long and creative

Their touch delicate yet strong

Making the ordinary extraordinary

Creating beauty the whole day long.


You have his way with people

Enchanting them with your ease and grace

The sun, the moon, the stars and the skies

All shine brightly from your face.


You have his fire

His passion, his joy and his fun

Never giving up

Until you’ve won.


You have his heart

His soul and his mind

He is you and you are he

Both of you stars, of the rarest kind. 

A few of my favourite things

London, Nov 2018

I wouldn’t want a world of perpetual summers 

I’d miss the snow and the falling leaves and the fresh green grass


Endless days seem like a dream 

But I’d miss the night’s stars and quiet

and I’d miss the sunrise and sunset 

When the moon meets the sun


Sun, moon, earth

all three dance the eternal dance

to music both known and unknown


Much as I love black and white films

I love my world in full colour

a black and white rainbow just wouldn’t be the same


Cities are vibrant, exciting and new

Full of people with something to do

New York, London, Paris or Rome

playground, apartment, office and home

They can be noisy and crowded and blue

with pauses for thought too few


The open plains of Africa

The rush of Niagara

The deep of the ocean

The wonder of the mountains


Fresh tracks on virgin snow

being free with nothing to do

the warm touch of loved ones

parties with friends 

reading and writing


These are a few

of my favourite things


London November 2018

God, if there is one, is not always good

Angels, if there are any, are not always good

Rebels, if there are any, are not always bad

The Devil, if there is one, is not always bad


My god is not God

My god is not Mammon

My god is not religious

My god is free


London 2018

Falling, drifting, floating

Shimmering in the sun

Whizzing, whirling, spinning

Your crystals one by one


Crowning the highest mountain

Stilling the coldest sea

So warm in your cool blanket

So generous and free


You cast your spell

As you dance from up above

Beguiling all you land on

Dusting with your love


London - Aug 2018
Your sparkle came into all of our lives
right from the very beginning.
We’d wake up and laugh into those smiling eyes,
Eyes that told such beautiful lies, such wondrous truths.
A Roman candle, you sparkled with life,
so elegant and glamorous.
So chic and yet so nice.
Truly nice.
You played with us and filled us with fun.
You fed our fantasies, supported our dreams.
We made them real in your dresses and shoes.
The excitement of teetering on heels,
playing grown-ups,
all giggles and squeals.
We’d eat dinner together in that lovely dining room.
Plates overflowing, wine glasses clinking, stories being told.
We knew not to ask,
or we’d miss out on gold.
After dinner you’d patiently sit
watching our endless shows.
Your cheers gave us courage,
your delight, whistles and bows.
Lida, you were and are an inspiration,
You and your adventurous friends.
Self-assured in your worlds,
perfectly balanced and poised.
Always there in heart and soul.
Your strength, gentle as a dove,
moving freely through space and time,
a bottomless sea of love.
You’ve left us better than you found us,
Simply by being around us.
Tonight as I look to the skies,
I’ll search for the new star, just born.
Your knowing smile will find me,
and sprinkle its sparkle till ‘morn.
London 2017


Breaking news

Not again!


The rhythm of our lives

Frozen in time

Where now?

How many?

Oh God!

Watch and cry

Ignore and die

Silent witness

Unfathomable waste

We live on


Not again.

Chamonix 2008

As I lay here in my bed

I think of all the words you’ve said

I see your eyes so clear and blue

I feel your heart so close and true


I miss you when you’re not here

My mind grows black and red with fear

I want your arms around me now

I need your strength to show me how

To live my life another way

A way that’s clear

Not dull and grey.


Meet me in my dreams tonight

And put an end to all this fright

Keep me safe and hold me tight

Help me make it through the night.

London 2010
Zante 2017

Blue skies


Blue sea

beckoning me


White sails

distant dreams

White light

a bird takes flight


Green leaves

Hot summer breeze

Green towel

drying in the sun


Red earth

giving birth

Red wine

another time


Yellow sun

warm and tender

Yellow moon

Come back soon

Kiev 1994

Before I came

I knew not why

and yet I knew there was a reason


Beneath a blue Ukrainian sky

I found chestnuts

not yet in season


I crossed the Dniepr

I crossed the bridge

One life became another


My brother, my father,

My friend and my soul,

Much more than simply a lover


Before I came 

I knew not why

And yet I knew there was a reason


Now I’m here

And now I know,

It’s you who are my reason.


London 2017

Breathing in life

and yet we fail,

to fill the empty void inside.

Breathing out dust

the nothingness

grows far and wide.

And as the boat comes to the shore

we travel on

and look for more.


London 2010

Father, who were you before I came to be?

Who were you when you were free?

Living in that far off place,

member of another race.

Fishing and swimming in summer’s haze,

skiing or skating on winter’s days.

Riding your horse, taking care of your deer,

you lived for a while without knowing fear.


What did they look like, those faceless men,

who drove you out and forced you then

to live like animals in a cage,

what did you do to calm your rage?


They stole your parents, and your youth,

using weapons of hate, their minds uncouth.

You grew up fast, how long would it last?

The world had turned red

and millions were dead.


When the turmoil finally ended,

whatever remained was carefully mended,

You would have returned,

but the maps had been burned,

new borders constructed,

your country destructed.


Photographer and jazz musician,

you adjusted to your new position.

Dancing and singing, you learned to cope,

your dreams of old now held some hope.

Laughter came back into your life,

no longer alone, you now had a wife.


One day I’ll fly like you,

up in the skies so clear and blue.

One day it’ll all come true,

that dream of yours,

now my dream too.

Another Day in Paradise
Dorset, 1993

I see fields of blue

and skies of green,

the sun is red,

know what I mean?


Another day in paradise

another day of heat in ice.

The birds are swimming

over flying fish.


The house is empty.

 The rooms are full.

The castle rocks,

yet the twig holds strong.


Another day in the garden of Eden.

Breathing in water,

breathing out dust.

The cupboard spills over with people,

all hiding from sunshine and pain.


Upside down and inside out.

The day is night, the night is night.

As the dogs begin to fly,

a wooden doll lies down to cry.


Another day in paradise.

Another day in the heat of the ice.