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Screenplays and TV Scripts

Black Snow

Feature Screenplay

It's not always easy carrying out your soul mate's last wish. Particularly if they want their ashes to be scattered on a mountain 700 miles away.
Not until after she has done this, does Hadley understand why  her husband wanted it so much. 
Magical Balance
Feature Screenplay

Magical Balance, inspired by Virginia Woolf's 'Mrs Dalloway', explores the life of a writer (Mica) over the course of one day in her life.

Two of Mica's characters are taking over her life, as they cross from the page to the real world to help her cope with the realities of being a single mum in an increasingly crazy world. 

Magic isn’t an illusion after all.


TV Series 

Three worlds are fighting for survival.  Time is running out.  A single mum proves to be the world’s only hope.  To make matters worse: she is dead. 

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