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©2017 Eva Adams


Magical Balance
Feature Screenplay

Day after Night was inspired by Virginia Woolf's 'Mrs Dalloway', in that it explores the life of one woman over the course of one day in her life.  Mica is a writer and she is struggling for control with two of her key characters.

Black Snow

Feature Screenplay

In Black Snow a mother drives to the French Alps with her two young children.  She plans to scatter the ashes of her late husband on the mountain he loved most. She’s not sure this is even allowed or how she will do it, but she knows that her own peace will only come when he is ‘free’.

TV Series (Pilot)

In '8’ Claire, an anti-terrorism specialist, ‘dies’ in a car bomb and finds herself in an alternative dimension called ‘Ananda’.  In Ananda, Claire learns that the earth will self destruct unless she, together with 7 others she must choose to join her in Ananda, can save it.