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©2017 Eva Adams



Sound of people talking in a pub with music playing in the background (level 42 - running in the family).


Robbie and Steve are sitting at a white wrought iron table in a conservatory area at the back of the pub.  There are lots of large plants and the sun is dancing through the vine leaves which cover most of the glass roof.  

It's about 1pm and the pub is quite full.


Robbie, in lumberjack style shirt and baggy, faded jeans is smoking  roll up.  Steve looks smarter in a turquoise polo shirt and black chinos which are just a touch too tight around the waist, revealing the beginnings of a paunch.


They are both nearing the end of their beers and Steve's playing with a coaster.  He's flipping it into the air off the edge of the table and then catching it as it comes down.


Ach man, that's nae feat!  Can ye nae do it wi' morr than the one?


Trust you to make everything into a competition!  You Scots gits,  your'all the same.  'Course I can do it with more.


Steve takes five coasters and does the trick perfectly.


Ach, that's nought!  Try this!


Robbie looks around for more coasters.


Wait.. I'll go get some morr...

Robbie goes to the bar.  While he's gone Steve keeps practising his trick, not always successfully.



Excuse me... Sorry...

Lauren moves through the crowd at the bar and is searching for Steve and Robbie.


Steve smiles as he sees her desperately searching the room for him and Robbie.

She's wearing a loose, flowing summer dress and carrying a bunch of flowers.

Steve stands up and waves.


We're over here you blind bat!


Oh, thank God!  I thought you might have given up on me.  Sorry I'm so late. 

She puts her flowers down on one of the chairs and gives Steve a quick peck on the cheek.


It's okay.  We've only got here ten minutes ago.


But we said twelve...

Robbie arrives back armed with about twenty coasters just as Lauren says this.


Aye, but we've known ye too lang lassie.  Twelve translates to one in Lauren time, dinni?

Robbie pulls out a chair for Lauren and then sits down himself.  He looks at the flowers but says nothing.


So, if I'd been on time, I'd have been stuck here on my own?  Great!  Just as well I was late then, isn't it?


I don't see what the big deal is, anyway.  What's so terrible about sitting in a pub on your own?


Have ye nae learnt owt, man?  A' that's jus' an excuse.. The woman's biologically incapable a arrivin' anywhere on time.


Enough! What are you doing with all those coasters?  No, let me guess.  This is a 'lets see who can flip the most thing, isn't it? Are you two never going to grow up?


Grow up? Now, how would you define that?  Does arriving a full hour late count as grown up?


Hey, I said I was sorry... Okay, who's drinking what?  Latecomer rules, I'll get them.


I'll have a Directors, cheers.


Pint a Pride for me love, ta.

Lauren heads for the bar.