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Where do I write?

Updated: Feb 3, 2020

The short answer is, just about anywhere. That's what I love most about writing. You can do it anywhere, anytime. However, I do have my regular, 'go to' spots.

I used to write at my desk but found it gave me neck ache and somehow never felt like the right place. I now sit on the sofa my kids talked me into buying. I didn’t want it at the time as it didn’t match my other one. They won and I was stuck with one beautiful red sofa (mine) and one less beautiful cream one (theirs). Theirs is a bit like a home cinema sofa with reclining backs and leg rests, drinks holders and it even rocks back and forth. Not exactly in keeping with my ideal living room design…

I now realise it was meant for me after all as it is ideal for writing and daydreaming. It’s in the window so I can gaze up at the clouds and enjoy the sun on my back. I sit here with my laptop on a cushion, a cup of coffee in the drink holder and my legs up. Perfect!

When the sun is out, I love writing in the garden. I find being outside gives me both the space to think and lack of distraction I need to focus on my story universe.

Environment is important to me. It affects my mood and my mood affects my writing.

Tomorrow - When do I write?

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