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When do I write?

Updated: Feb 3, 2020

At first, although I tried to write everyday I didn’t always succeed. Then I came across Go Into the Story and found tons of invaluable advice and guidance. Timing was on my side as it was now the end of February and ZD30, a challenge to get from zero to first draft in just 30 days was about to start in March. It was just what I needed.

Only in the process of actually getting the draft written did I come to understand Scott Myers’ repeated assertion that your first screenplay is how you learn to write screenplays. Like many of those who participated in the challenge, I was delighted to finish my first draft within the 30 day deadline. At times just seeing that others were struggling too, was all it took to keep me going, that and the ZD30 calendar with its ‘number of pages written’ box waiting to be completed every day.

Very soon I noticed a change. Whereas at the beginning I congratulated myself if I managed to write for just one hour, I now find I can’t wait to get back to it and happily write for five or six hours at a time.

Unlike many other writers who stick to regular writing times, I don’t have regular start or finish times as I hate routine. I do write everyday though — even if it’s only a few sentences in my diary. I also make the most of 'waiting' time to either write or at least to think about my story. Traffic jams no longer faze me, they are just another chance to think. Waiting for my son or daughter? Writing time. Stuck at the airport? Writing time.

Talking of which… time to get back to my story! The next ZD30 starts on 1 September and I need to outline my story so I'm ready to write it in just 30 days.

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